More Proof That The Press/Media Will NOT Hold obama Accountable For ANYTHING – EVER!

8 Jul

 I am new to blogging, but I had an interesting Twitter exchange with Jake Tapper of CNN, and he made it SHAMELESSLY CLEAR that obama can do WHATEVER he wants to do, and the press WILL COVER FOR HIM!

I tried to “embed” my tweets here, but I could not get it to work, so I e-mailed the Twitter posts to myself and then copied and pasted them below.  I know it doesn’t really look like Twitter, but it is.

Jake Tapper@jaketapper

Amid immigration crisis, Obama to skip the border on trip to – @MKosinskiCNN reports #TheLead – 07 Jul


@jaketapper -Yeah, it’s called a #FLYOVER– and didn’t people like you excoriate Bush for SAME thing during #Katrina?@MKosinskiCNN #tcot

10:35 PM – 07 Jul 14



Jake Tapper@jaketapper

@cmm912 blargity derp derp – 07 Jul


@jaketapper – WOW! And you’re considered a “serious journalist?” But I take note that you didn’t deny it.

10:39 PM – 07 Jul 14







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